About Pleasantview

On the west side, it is bordered by 111 Street, on the east side by 104 Calgary Trail and on the north and south by 51 Avenue and 61 Avenue respectively.

Pleasantview has a community league established in 1946 with the aim of making it a better place to live. It is responsible for maintaining the community hall, outdoor rink, and tennis court which is at 109 Street and 57 Avenue. The rooms offer opportunities for social functions like weddings which are available as rental services.

Living in Pleasantview

The 2012 municipal census showed a population decline by 2.5 percent from 2009. Before dropping, its population was 3,853, and by 2012 its density became 2,537.2 people per KM square. Though some parts later became part of Edmonton in 1914, its construction had begun after the end of World War 11. Reports from federal census 2001, showed that one out of 5 residences were constructed around 1946 while information acquired from City of Edmonton map utility shows that some of its early homes were being replaced with newer construction. Less than half 46.9% of residences were built in the 1960s and the remainder about 22.3% constructed in 1970s.

The 2005 municipal census indicated that 44% of its residences were single-family dwellings, 20% rented apartments in high- rise building which had more than five stories and 20% hired houses on low-rise with less than five stories, 8% on row houses and 7% on duplexes. Thus, 51% of total residences are owner-occupied, and 49% rented. It is a comparative mobile neighborhood according to 2005 municipal census with 49.8% of total residents having lived the same place for five years, and more, 17% (1 out of 5)moved within last one year and 21% (1 in five) having run in the previous 2 to 3 years.

Things to do in Pleasantview

There is one school operated by Edmonton Public School System called Mount Pleasant Elementary School plus access to the University of AB, University of Alberta Farm, Whyte Avenue and Neil Crawford Centre. Services enjoyed include a significant shopping mall in Southgate and the South Edmonton Common. Transit connection through the neighborhood is through the aid of Southgate LRT station.

Pleasantview Postal Code:

T6C 4E3

Pleasantview Geo Coordinates:

Lat: 53.4931751

Long: -113.5145722

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