Common Issues

Things To Know

Orthodontic issues are prevalent among people of all ages, and natural perfection is rare when it comes to teeth. Malocclusion, commonly known as a “bad bite”, can lead to problems with speaking, oral hygiene, chewing, and aesthetics. The underlying causes of a bad bite can be genetic, or may result from thumb sucking, dental disease, accidents, poor dental hygiene, birth defects, or other medical conditions.

To address these concerns, it’s crucial to understand the orthodontic problem that you or your child may be experiencing. Dr. Sileikyte offers orthodontic treatment that can enhance the functionality of your bite and the appearance of your smile. Below, you’ll find examples of some of the most common orthodontic issues.


The upper front teeth protrude over the lower front teeth, which can lead to the lower front teeth biting into the roof of the mouth.



When the upper teeth are positioned inside the lower teeth, it can result in tooth stratification and improper growth of the jaw.



The absence of overlap between the upper and lower front teeth, known as open bite, can hinder proper chewing and lead to undesirable habits such as tongue thrusting.



Insufficient space for teeth to emerge from the gum can result in crowding, which can usually be resolved through expansion, potentially eliminating the need for tooth extraction.



When the lower jaw protrudes forward, the lower front teeth end up positioned in front of the upper front teeth, resulting in an underbite.



Missing teeth can be a cause of spacing issues, but spacing problems can also be purely cosmetic in nature.