9 Things to Do This Weekend in Edmonton

Things to Do This Weekend in Edmonton, Alberta

Byzantine Winter Festival 2017

There are all sorts of winter games, cultural events, and artistic forms of entertainment that people can enjoy at the Byzantine Winter Festival 2017. It takes place on January 14 and 15 2017 from noon to ten on Saturday and noon to six on Sunday.


People who want to be able to see a performance of this classic story will be able to go there on January 13 and 15 at the Westbury Theater. Adults need to pay twenty-five dollars for tickets and children under twelve can get in for fifteen dollars.

Southeast Winter Fun Festival

People will be able to enjoy some of the best winter activities in Edmonton AB at this festival. It will take place on the 14th of January from eleven to three, and people will be able to enjoy almost all of what the season has to offer.

World Snow Day

The City of Edmonton is known for its snow, so a World Snow Day makes sense. This will take place on the 15th of January from one to four.

Swing ‘N Skate

In the City Room at City Hall, people are going to be able to get a lot of great big band and jazz music at the Swing ‘N Skate event. There are even free ice skate rentals available. These events will take place on Sundays from one to four until February 26th.

Build Your Mystery Bag

Celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary is going to be that much more fun with an event like this one. It takes place at the Musee Heritage Museum on the 14th of January, and there is a three-dollar suggested donation.

Movies for the Whole Family

People can see shows at the Telus World of Science, the Metro Cinema, and the Cineplex.

Local Library Activities

There are free drop-in activities that people can enjoy at the St. Albert Public Library, the Strathcona County Library, and the Spruce Grove Public Library.

In Conclusion

Embrace Orthodontics Edmonton understands that people don’t always have to plan all of their Edmonton Alberta activities. Fun can and should be spontaneous, and it can be here. People can go skating, swimming, or to various drop-in fitness programs. Edmonton Recreation should have a lot of individuals covered. There are activities, camps, and programs that people of all ages can enjoy.