Seemingly simple conditions such as an overbite can significantly take away from the beauty of a person’s smile and result in many dental health problems and even confidence and self-esteem issues. Thankfully, most of these conditions can be corrected by an orthodontist. Orthodontists are in the business of improving dental health and the quality of smiles. A simple visit to the orthodontist in Edmonton can help prevent orthodontic problems from negatively impacting your smile and oral health.

It is essential to identify early symptoms of orthodontic problems and have them addresses sooner rather than later. This is particularly important where children are concerned. This short report is designed to help you identify the five early signs that you or your child may be in need braces or other corrective or restorative dental solution. Of course, all such solution will require a visit to the orthodontics office.

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5 Signs You May Need To Visit Your Orthodontist

1. Crowding

Crowding is a fairly common problem where there is not enough space for the teeth in the mouth. As a person ages, the condition gets worst and can make brush, flossing, and other hygiene practices being done improperly or inefficiently. This is as some areas may become extraordinarily crowded and impossible to clean, leading to tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath, and a lot of other undesirable dental conditions.

If treated at an early age, crowding can be corrected, and teeth are aligned and straightened relatively easily. While the condition can be addressed in adulthood, it is best to treat it as a child.

2. Overbite

When the top teeth at the front stick out further than the ones at the bottom, an overbite becomes most noticeable. Some overbites are smaller than others. However, a significant overbite can prove problematic due to increased risk of injury or trauma to the top teeth which are further out, as well as, problems finding a restorative dental solution that fits. The latter is true, particularly in the case of crowns, fillings or veneers.

3. Crossbite

Whenever one has an upper tooth that is behind the opposing lower tooth, then one has what is known as a crossbite. Whenever this condition occurs, several problems can result. Three such issues include as shared by our wonderful friend who is a dentist in Richardson:

  • Receding gums of the affected teeth
  • Fractured or severely worn down teeth (which sometimes cannot be restored)
  • Asymmetric jaw growth

4. Underbite

Virtually the opposite of an overbite, an underbite occurs when the front top teeth are behind the bottom teeth with stick out further. There are many problems that this condition can cause – starting with difficulting biting and chewing food. Other conditions include an imbalanced facial appearance (as this condition is often associated with a disproportionate jaw size) and faster aging in the face.

5. Openbite

This condition can also be referred to as a gap in the front teeth. That is, the front teeth do not touch, resulting in problems with biting food and speaking with a lisp.

If you are your child is showing any of the above symptoms (even if they are mild), then one should consult an orthodontist so he or she can take a look. The fact is, these symptoms never go away on their own, and will, in fact, get worse. As such, the sooner one seeks professional assistance, then the better the chance of a full recovery.

Your next visit to the orthodontics offices is as simple as sending an email or making a call to schedule a consultation. So, why wait? Make the call today and take the necessary step to improve your smile and that of your child.

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